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Im not looking fo Chris’ Guitars – Amps Amplifiers by Fender … 1. Rare 30W model with 6L6 power! Serial number VG , this is one of the early watters

Grouse Guitars – previously your vintage guitar, bass and amp dealer (now closed). Click the ‘back’ plectrum to go back to the previous page, or click the “Grouse Guitars” nameplate above to go directly to the Grouse Guitars homepage.

A Collection of interesting Basses and Guitars. Friday, 17 September Fender Urge 1. Now, you don’t see many of these. I was going to do this one later on but having used it in rehearsal, I thought I would do it whilst it was fresh in my mind. Bit like a sports car, small, light and fast! It is a 32″ scale, with a lovely neck on it. The controls are Volume on the top and Pan on the bottom of the front set and Treble on the top, Bass on the bottom of the back set.

The active is simple but you can get some great and varied sounds from them without a lot of fiddling around. When I first got this, I tried to find out what year it was but some of the Mexican serials are a bit vague – this one not even recognised but come down a few numbers to and it says this: I guess it’s about 15 years old. While I was digging around for info on it, I can across an image of an alternative version which may be passive?? Stu Hamm is up there with the very best – a stunning player.

I saw him live with Satriani, an unforgettable experience, top man!

Dating peavey t-60

Home of the Choo Choo Subject: Serial number dating Mon Aug 24, 7: I don’t believe that I’ve posted it here yet. During the last few years, I have received more than a few T s that were the very first ones made on the gunstock carving machine and the Ekstrom-Carlson router, before production was even in sight. They were in order, 6 keys per side, 3 keys per side, and the bass.

I pulled my old Peavey T out of the basement have never played it much. I’m wondering when it was it is pre or post ?? Is there a source for dating Peavey guitars??

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As I said in one of my previous posts, I am very lucky to have a substantial input from Chip, himself and I am grateful for the time he has put into it and he has indicated there is more to come. So, back to the beginning, from the man who put the “T” in the T series Basses and Guitars, in his own words. I think that Hartley first thought seriously about making guitars in early , as he hired me in mid Both made amps; Fender’s were pretty and Gibson could hardly give their amps away.

I took his advice and moved to Houston. Hartley’s first question was, “What do you think of the “Zero Fret”?

I just got in 3 models of some of the best vintage style guitars I’ve seen for the money. They arrived with a very good setup, the fit and finish is excellent, and they are made with quality hardware and electronics including a Wilkinson vintage style tremolo with “pop-in” trem arm and Allen-screw tightness adjustment, Sperzel USA locking tuners, and TTM’s own Palladium Series pickups.

Early on, he started playing the Gretsch , which evolved to the Chet Atkins model. Or I should say models, since they kept changing. Chet was not well known for playing a solidbody guitar, with the exception of his nylon string model, the Gibson CEC. However he did use a couple of solidbody instruments on several recordings and in a few concerts. The original solidbody was referred to as The Peaver. Paul deserves the title CGP behind his name.

Certified Guitar Player He is a fabulous finger style artist. Paul was award this title posthumously Paul took a Peavey T guitar and removed the neck, replacing it with a Fender Stratocaster neck. Paul then rewired the guitar, installing two EMG pickups and a phase switch. Chet named this guitar, The Peaver.

The pickup placement is unique.

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Bob Brozman bought it and it was pictured on some of his albums, used in many of his recordings, plus severval pages in his National book. Sometimes I think I should have hung on to it. Be kind of nice to have, but I probably would have sold it at today’s prices. Just too much liability keeping vintage guitars around.

If you’re looking for an easy to play guitar, the action doesn’t get any lower than this baby. Excellent value and quality that’s typical of Korea today. This model was only made in one small run so there aren’t many of these around – most of the Harm 3 models feature the cats eye f-hole in a semi-hollow design while this model was a limited edition production model that’s no longer available. It features a solid archtop mahogany body, 22 fret maple set-neck with ebony fretboard and synthetic bone nut, side markers on the side of fretboard only, jumbo frets, flat The setup on this guitar is superb and the tone is warm and rich, very good choice for anything besides metal.

Last Guitar , pic2. More pics and full description at this link: Owned by Martin Miranda, my world-class tech, who was a close friend of Bernie and this was the last guitar that Bernie ever built, albeit not quite finished, and he was working on it the very day of his untimely passing. Click the link for a full description and feel free to email Martin Miranda directly at the address on the page. A killer metal axe with cool looks with Tribal graphics, Widow headstock, and beveled edges which catch light and give it a very 3D look on stage.

The main attraction of this axe, however, is one major upgrade in the tone dept. Now this guitar sounds as bad-ass as it looks.

Dating in botswana francistown

Designed as the third member of a trio of guitars in the new Modernist Series, prototypes of which were displayed at the NAMM show, the Moderne was originally intended to be the sibling of the Flying V and the Explorer, but never made it off the launch pad the way the other two then-futuristic classics did. Perhaps Gibson foresaw that a third Modernist was pushing it just too far?

Or did a poor early reaction to the guitar lead to its demise? Ted McCarty, president of Gibson at the time, has said a number of Modernes were made; other tales tell of prototypes and raw bodies being burned in a bonfire at Kalamazoo after early showings failed to set the guitar world alight. Whatever the real story—and perhaps it is lost forever to the mists of time—the Moderne is perhaps rarest and most elusive Gibson guitar ever created.

If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. It has had No modifications of any kind. I have provided many pictures , but if you need more, please email me and I will do my best to comply. Please email me with any questions before placing a bid or buying. Bidders with 0 or negative or questionable feedback will be canceled at my discretion.

Winning buyer is to pay exact shipping and insurance charges. I do not make any money on shipping. This is a collectable instrument and is sure to increase in value through time. Please, only serious buyers. I am a long time guitar player and instrument seller so I try to be honest in my description of an instrument. One thing I will point out for someone who may want to buy this to play, is it will need a fret job in about a year or so if you play daily.

The original frets are fine, but low. I will accept paypal only for this item. This is a cool guitar in that it is the first year to offer the Walnut finish and offer a black pick guard.

Peavey T-60 with EGC Bolt on Aluminium Neck