Name[ change change source ] The name Jesus came from the Aramaic name “Yeshua”, from Hebrew Yah-shua, meaning “God is salvation or deliverance ” in English , and was a popular name of the time. Jesus is often called “Jesus Christ” or “Christ”. The word Christ comes from the Greek word christos and means “the one marked on the head with oil” or “the anointed one”. In Jesus’ country, anointing was done to show that a person was chosen to be a king or a leader. Jesus is also called Messiah , which comes from the Hebrew term Moshiach, and also means “the anointed one”. Luke’s Gospel tells most of the story. The Government wanted every single family to have their name taken down to be taxed, so everyone had to go back to the place where they came from. Joseph came from the small town of Bethlehem , near Jerusalem , so even though Mary was close to giving birth to her baby, they had to travel, with thousands of other people. When they got to Bethlehem, every room was full. Jesus was placed in a manger as there was no room for them at the inn.

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Jacobi at road Jakobikirchhof and St. Petri there is the Hulbe-Haus, originally built as an arts and crafts house and dating from the beginning of the 20th century as most buildings around, but looking much older. Behind the Hulbe-Haus, under the building of “Radio Hamburg”, you can visit the remains of the bishops tower, from the 11th century.

The party of the Delights of the Enchanted Island This was the first grand party given in Versailles by Louis XIV, and was also the first time, under the aegis of the king, that Molière and Lully collaborated.

He left school after only six years, which meant that he was almost illiterate and suffered periods of unemployment. In he became a member of the Nazi party and in he joined the SA, where he was employed as a driver. The same year he changed to the SS. Aumeier was responsible for mass executions and selections in the main camp. He also took part in the mass killing of the survivors of the attempted escape from the penal-company on 10 June In autumn , he was sent as Commandant to the Vaivara concentration camp in Estonia.

From January until the end of the war he served as Commandant of the small Norwegian camp of Mysen, where he totally changed character and behaved in a humane manner, even conducting negotiations with the Norwegian Red Cross. In early summer he was taken prisoner and interrogated by the British. In his testimonies he at first denied any knowledge of gas chambers in Auschwitz; later he gave very detailed descriptions of the gassings in Bunkers 1 and 2.

Strangely, his statements, kept in the British Public Record Office, were not unearthed until by David Irving, who did not immediately make his findings public. Aumeier was extradited to Poland and in the Auschwitz-Trial in Krakow was condemned to death and executed in Auschwitz Museum Dixon, Jeremy: Commanders of Auschwitz, Atglen Czech, Danuta: He was a skilled confectioner and worked in several German towns.

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History[ edit ] Late medieval tradition[ edit ] The first document of German heritage which shows fencing techniques is the Royal Armouries Ms. The next documents date from approximately a century later, when records of the tradition attributed to the 14th-century master Johannes Liechtenauer begin to appear. The history of the German school of fencing in the tradition of Liechtenauer spans roughly years, or generations of masters depending on the dating of Liechtenauer from to

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Inter-faith disputations[ edit ] A significant category of disputations took place between Christian and Jewish theologians as a form of both theological and philosophical debate and proselytization. Often, the Christian side was represented by a recent convert from Judaism. The only way for the Jewish side to ‘win’ was to force a draw by drawing the Christian side into a position in which it was necessary to deny the Old Testament to win, committing heresy. Cook, “Since ‘winning’ a debate could well jeopardize the security of the Jewish community at large, political considerations certainly entered into what Jewish disputants publicly said or refrained from saying.

Official transcripts of these proceedings, moreover, may not duplicate what actually transpired; in some places what they record was not the live action, as it were, but Christian polemical revision composed after the fact. This 15th-century painting by Pedro Berruguete depicts the legend of Saint Dominic and his Albigensian disputant tossing their books into a fire.

Saint Dominic’s books miraculously leapt out of the fire. Louis between a member of the Franciscan Order Nicholas Donin , who earlier converted from Judaism and persuaded Pope Gregory IX to issue a bill ordering the burning of the Talmud , and four of the most distinguished rabbis of France: The commission of Christian theologians condemned the Talmud to be burned and on June 17, , twenty-four carriage loads of Jewish religious manuscripts were set on fire in the streets of Paris.

At the end of disputation, the king awarded Nachmanides a monetary prize and declared that never before had he heard “an unjust cause so nobly defended. A committee appointed by the king censored the passages from the Talmud they deemed offensive. As a result, the Pope gave instructions by which all books of the Talmud would be handed over to his functionaries for censorship. Emergence of Protestantism — [ edit ] Main article:

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See Article History Alternative Title: Munich, by far the largest city in southern Germany, lies about 30 miles 50 km north of the edge of the Alps and along the Isar River , which flows through the middle of the city. In Henry the Lion , duke of Bavaria, granted the monks the right to establish a market where the road from Salzburg met the Isar River. A bridge was built across the Isar the following year, and the marketplace was fortified.

In Munich became the home of the Wittelsbach family, which had succeeded to the duchy of Bavaria in

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The beginnings of Christianity within the limits of the present diocese are shrouded in obscurity its teachings were probably brought thither by soldiers or merchants. According to the acts of the martyrdom of St. Afra, who with her handmaids suffered at the stake for Christ, there existed in Augsburg, early in the fourth century, a Christian community under Bishop Narcissus; St. Dionysius, uncle of St. Afra , is mentioned as his Successor. It is true that two catalogues of the Bishops of Augsburg, dating from the eleventh and twelfth centuries, mention several bishops of this primitive period, but the first whose record has received indubitable historical corroboration is St.

Wikterp or Wicbpert who was bishop about or He took part in several synods convened by St. Boniface in Germany ; in company with St. Boniface he dedicated the monastery at Benediktbeuren.


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Take when Pope Innocent VIII was on his deathbed in , his doctors used vampire-like technique on 3 boys and had the pope drink their blood. The boys were bled until they died, and the pope died as well. The article recounts notable doctors of s England digging up bodies to use the bones for medicine. Medical treatments included ingesting flesh, bone, or blood, along with a variety of moss sometimes found on human skulls right up until the late 18th century.

Use of medicines made from blood and other human body parts was widespread in Europe. Fresh blood was used as a cure for epilepsy and other body parts to treat a variety of diseases, including arthritis, warts, diseases of the reproductive system, sciatica, and even teenage acne… One of the books this stuff is documented in Cannibal The History of People Eater s.

Europeans had no ethical or moral issues at all with cannibalism — for example — until the 19th century. The bodies of other humans was just another natural product available for use and recycling. Candles made of human fat were used up until the s.

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Visit Website Did you know? No reformer was more adept than Martin Luther at using the power of the press to spread his ideas. Between and , Luther published more works than the next 17 most prolific reformers combined. Although he had hoped to spur renewal from within the church, in he was summoned before the Diet of Worms and excommunicated.

Sheltered by Friedrich, elector of Saxony, Luther translated the Bible into German and continued his output of vernacular pamphlets. The result was a theocratic regime of enforced, austere morality.

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But Melanchthon carried the palm with “Benedictus benedicat. But they were never intended for publication; and making due allowance for human weakness, the rudeness of the age, and his own rugged nature, we may agree with the judgment of one of his most accurate biographers, that “in all his words and deeds Luther was guided constantly by the loftiest principles, by the highest considerations of morality and religious truth, and that in the simple and straightforward manner which was his nature, utterly free from affectation or artificial effort.

He loved poetry, music, painting, and all the fine arts. In this respect he was ahead of those puritanical Reformers who had no taste for the beautiful, and banished art from the church. He placed music next to theology. He valued it as a most effectual weapon against melancholy and the temptations of the Devil. He never lost his love for Virgil and Cicero, which he acquired as a student at Erfurt.

He was fond of legends, fables, and proverbs.

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